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At dawn in Rome everyone but one man is sleeping. That man is Giulio Andreotti who is awake because he has to work, write books, move in fashionable circles and, last but not least, pray. Calm, crafty and inscrutable, Andreotti is synonym of power in Italy. This impassive yet insinuating, ambiguous yet reassuring figure appears set to assume his seventh mandate as Prime Minister without arrogance and without humility. Approaching 70, Andreotti is a gerontocrat unafraid of nobody. He emerges unscathed from everything: electoral battles, terrorist massacres, slanderous accusations. But when the Mafia declares war on him, things change - perhaps even for the enigmatic, immortal Andreotti. But do they really change or only appear to? It is difficult to tarnish Andreotti, the man who knows the ways of the world better than anyone. This effortlessly stylish gem by Paolo Sorrentino is an overture to Tarantino and Leone. The title sequence introduces real-life Italian politicians as gangster-like imitators clustered around the iconic post-war figure of Giulio Andreotti. Prime Minister no less than seven times, the real Andreotti faced accusations of conspiracy, Mafia involvement and state terror, eventually even standing trial in 1996.


Paolo Sorrentino


DVD catalogue number: ART436DVD



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Also part of Five Films by Paolo Sorrentino

GENRE: Drama


DIRECTOR: Paolo Sorrentino

DURATION: 118 Mins

COUNTRIES: France, Italy




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