Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nicolas Philibert (Nenette, Etre et Avoir) takes a charming and insightful look at a national institution that is usually only heard. Witness the discussion, debate, wit, creation and philanthropy that occurs on and off the air at France's most beloved radio centre, occupying the day-to-day lives of the employees and, in turn, millions of listeners’ as well. Filmed over the course of a six-month period, La Maison de la Radio is a witty, tender and revealing exploration into the airwaves of a nation and another triumph from one of France's most important contemporary filmmakers.


Nicolas Philibert
Director’s statement: One reason why so many people, myself included, love radio - but I didn't realise this until long after I started to love it - has to do with the lack of images, the invisible nature of those who talk on it, just as the innumerable places it takes us to remain invisible. An invisibility that allows us to imaginarily identify with those who speak and which, without our having to leave home, allows us to travel on land, sea, in every strata of society, in every sphere of thought and human activity. But the radio is also our collective memory. Voices that we are familiar with, jingles, songs we know by heart, totally carefree moments, “slots” that shape our daily lives and ritualise them. And sometimes, it's just a backdrop that we do not listen to, a friendly, reassuring presence while we are doing something else. Nicolas Philibert


Nicolas Philibert: Director Katell Djian: Director of Photography Julien Cloquet: Sound


DVD catalogue number: ART736DVD


Out now on DVD & on demand

GENRE: Documentary


DIRECTOR: Nicolas Philibert

Nicolas Philibert: Director
Katell Djian: Director of Photography
Julien Cloquet: Sound

DURATION: 104 Mins

COUNTRIES: France, Japan




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