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Everyone harbours a dark secret. But Titta Di Girolamo (Toni Servillo) has many. Why else would a 50-year-old man from southern Italy choose to live permanently in an anonymous hotel room in an anonymous town in Switzerland? A man without identity but with an abundance of elegance, he spends his time smoking cigarettes and coldly observing the hotel's denizens, mostly the beautiful barmaid Sofia (Olivia Magnani). But he never acknowledges her attempts to be friendly. In the evenings, he plays cards with the former hotel owners who lost the hotel to gambling, before another sleepless night. He’s constantly waiting for something daring to happen, but what is Titta’s dark secret? And what is the story of the mysterious suitcases delivered to his door? He once lost money owned by the mafia on the stock market and has been punished in a gruesome way: he is to deliver the mafia’s money to the bank once a week and has no life for himself. His detachment from the world is complete - until he does begin to communicate with Sofia. Featuring sharply-defined photography and highly atmospheric music, The Consequences of Love is story about a man who discovers love too late in life.


Paolo Sorrentino


DVD catalogue number: ART301DVD



Out now on DVD & on demand

Also part of Five Films by Paolo Sorrentino

GENRE: Thriller, Romance, Crime


DIRECTOR: Paolo Sorrentino

DURATION: 104 Mins




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