From the critically acclaimed writer-director of Berberian Sound Studio comes a tale of passion and sadomasochism that penetrates the deepest depths of what it means to be human, in love and in control. Cynthia is an orthopterist who is seemingly firmly in control of her partner Evelyn through a strict, dictatorial fetish life behind closed doors. But as Evelyn's requests to be dominated become increasingly extreme the true nature of their relationship begins to surface. The Duke of Burgundy is a story about power and the exploration of discomfort that people will stretch to for the ones they love, told in mesmerisingly coruscating style by one of Britain's finest contemporary auteurs, Peter Strickland.

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Peter Strickland
Reading-born writer/director Peter Strickland's first feature film Katalin Varga was funded and produced independently over a four-year period. The micro-budget rural revenge drama went on to win numerous awards including a Silver Bear in Berlin and The European Film Academy's Discovery of the Year award in 2009. Strickland followed Katalin Varga with Berberian Sound Studio in 2012, which was produced by Illuminations and Warp X and funded by Film4, UK Film Council, Match Factory and Screen Yorkshire. The film was distributed internationally and won several awards, including four at the 2012 British Independent Film Awards including Best Director and Best Actor. The film was named British Film of the Year at the 2012 London Critics' Circle Film Awards. Prior to this, Strickland made a number of short films including Bubblegum, (which starred Warhol superstar, Holly Woodlawn) and A Metaphysical Education. He also founded The Sonic Catering Band in 1996, which has released several records and performed live throughout Europe. Since 1999, he has released over 20 records through his Peripheral Conserve label. The label’s output varies from field recordings to sound poetry, Krautrock and modern classical in very limited vinyl editions.


Sidse Babett Knudsen: Cynthia Chiara D'Anna: Evelyn


Peter Strickland: Director / writer Andy Starke: Producer Cat's Eyes: Music


DVD catalogue number: ART737DVD Blu-ray catalogue number: ART146BD


Out now on DVD, Blu-ray & on demand

GENRE: Drama, Romance


DIRECTOR: Peter Strickland

Sidse Babett Knudsen: Cynthia
Chiara D'Anna: Evelyn

Peter Strickland: Director / writer
Andy Starke: Producer
Cat's Eyes: Music






  • “Sensational... another essential work from this increasingly vital British filmmaker”

    Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

  • “An aesthete’s dream – meticulously refined, delicate as a fritillary’s wing”

    Jonathan Romney, The Observer

  • “An immensely rewarding, amusing, wise, melancholy and involving experience”

    Kim Newman, Empire

  • “A considerable work of art, and one that touches on a rarely discussed side of human sexuality completely free of judgement”

    Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

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